Sunday, 10 February 2013


This February is being very cold again but not with snow like last year, by the moment.
In spite of this, the cycle of life must continue. Now we can enjoy the almond blossom on the fields all over Mallorca, a natural phenomenon we shouldn't miss.

The beach is a place to visit in winter, too. The swell, harder in this season, modifies the beach every day and gets interesting things out, over the sand.

A small starfish

One dead sea urchin where we can see the Aristotle's lantern inside.

During these weeks, enormous flocks of Starlings are observed. A part of the wintering birds are preparing to come back to the breeding areas. It is known that some species of waders and thrushes for example, begin their migration during the February. 
We believe that there is still much time for spring but nature is already preparing its arrival.

Some orchids are already  flowered like this one from the group of the Dark-Bee Orchid.

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