Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Birds at Summer

  Heat is increasing these days and the majority of birds have finished their breeding, so birding becomes more difficult and uncomfortable.
  Birding early in the morning and two or three hours before the sunset will be more efficient. But if we want to observe raptors, for example, we must go out during hottest hours.
  One option to enjoy the birds and at the same time help them is the installation of troughs. These can range from a pond dug in the ground to a simple dish with water.

 It's better if it's placed in the shadow to minimize water evaporation and avoid that water becomes warm. It must be also a place where birds feel safe while they are drinking or taking a bath.

  Water points have a very important role during these hottest months for the survival of birds and other animals. Mountain springs, small natural and artificial ponds, irrigation ditches, etc., are elements that are necessary to preserve and care our wildlife.

  At home we can install a small trough. It's sure it will be discovered very soon by the birds of the surroundings. They will be grateful for that and we'll enjoy their daily chores.