Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nest boxes at the Camí des Correu

The Camí des Correu as its name suggests in Mallorcan (post path) is an old route used to join the towns of Esporlas and Banyalbufar and for the last five years has been used for nest box study and monitoring of their occupation by insectivorous birds.
                                                                      Nest box hanging

In these types of studies the yearly accumulation of information is important to be able to determine nest box occupation, species interrelation, phenology etc.
Nest boxes can be a constant source to study the biological different aspects of the birds that occupy them, at the same time favouring nesting by species that prey on insects that damage the forests and are an excellent tool for environmental education.
                                                                   Great Tit nestlings

This year, still awaiting a final count, around 20 boxes have been occupied by Great Tit (P. major) and a dozen by Blue Tit (P. caeruleus).
Once the nest boxes have served their purpose they will be have to be taken down, cleaned and prepared in time for next year!
                                                                    Blue Tit nestlings

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