Saturday, 5 May 2012

Activities at the Parc des Camí des Cingle

                                              Nest box inspection in the Parc del Camí des Cingle

On the 28th of April another bird activity took place at the Parc del camí des Cingle.
NHS and the Soller Town Council organised a new outing to check out the nest boxes that had been installed in February. 

At the moment no boxes have been occupied. According to the explanations of biologist Cristina Fiol, it’s normal that the first spring after the nest boxes are installed the percentage of occupation is very low or nil. It’s from the second and third year that better result are expected, so it’s important to leave the boxes hung up all year round and keep them well maintained so they are in optimum condition for the birds.

A small ringing session was also carried out in the park by the ornithologist Jose Luis Martinez. Despite the bad weather, the participants were able to see what scientific ringing entails and how it is carried out.

                             Ornithologist Jose Luis Martinez with a Sardinian Warbler (S. melanocephala)
                                                                          giving  explanations to the participants
                                           A participants helping to weigh a Great Tit (P. major) before being released

Also the group was lucky enough to be able to see two Night Herons (N. nycticorax) perched in the pines looking for a place to sleep. This ardeid species is a nocturnal migrant, so they possibly arrived that same morning to rest and then continue their journey at sunset towards their breeding grounds.

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