Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New breeding species for Majorca, the Griffon Vulture

Ornithologists from the islands have discovered a couple of nests of this species which arrived on the island due to heavy meteorological conditions.
It is always gratifying to be able to have extact information that refers to the colonisation of species on islands, and from the work and monitoring of some of the island ornithologists such as Jordi Muntaner or Maties Rebassa (among other), we have up to date news about some pairs of Griffon Vulture incubating on nests located on Majorcan cliffs.
From Balears WildLife-NHS we are very grateful  for all the search, effort and verification of a fact that everyone was waiting for in the Balearics, and it will probably be without doubt the avifaunistic event of the year.
During the next few months we will be awaiting offspring and therefore the first Griffon Vultures born in Majorca.

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