Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nest boxes in the Cami des Cingle park

Last Friday and Saturday the activity to install nest boxes in the Cami des Cingle in the Port of Soller park was started.
     Friday afternoon an introductory presentation was given about the nest boxes.
Nest boxes fulfil three main functions; they complement the effort to control possible insect plagues as they improve the breeding success of species that feed on these insects, they are used to be able to study the breeding biology of the birds that occupy them, and lastly the can be and excellent method for environmental education. So all this can be possible, basic maintenance is necessary.
                         One of the species that can occupy the nest boxes, the Great Tit (P.Major). Photo: C.Fiol

The next morning the participants enjoyed an animated day out where adults and kids helped to install the boxes in the park.

                            Some of the participants with nest boxes ready to hang up. Photo: C.Fiol

A total of 18 boxes were finally hung on pines, olive trees and Carob trees.

                                 The moment when a nest box is installed. Photo: C.Fiol

The next outing will take place in April and May, covering the start and middle period of the species of birds that could use the boxes to breed.
The nest box occupation is a gradual process that takes years, but we hope to see the first nest live during the next visits

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