Saturday, 28 January 2012

Majorca, good birdwatching in Winter too

In spite of best time for birding usually being spring and autumn, Winter is also a good season for birdwatching.

Amazing groups of Starlings (S. vulgaris) overflying their roosting area at the reed beds in the Albufera Natural Park. You can enjoy the song of hundreds of Song Thrushes (T. philomelos), Robins (E. rubecula), Blackcaps (S. atricapilla) which winter in our oakwoods. A visit to the wetlands; the Albufera, S'Albufereta, Salobrar de Campos salt pans, Prat de Sant Jordi and other small wet area are all places you can expect to get a surprise in the form of a rare migrant. Also looking for Balearic Shearwater (P. mauretanicus) from the coast or the first display flights of the Black Vulture (A. monachus) in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

This winter the major surprise has been a Moussier's Redstart (P. moussieri). This bird has been seen at Punta de n'Amer up to the last few days.

Photo: S. Nicoll

This rarity for Spain is a resident of North-west of Africa, and this is the second observation on Majorca. The first was in 2008 at Cabrera National Park.